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Learning How to Invoke IBM Alchemy Data News Through API Harmony

Many developers use an example-driven approach when looking for resources to learn or even remind themselves on how to invoke a web API. Nobody these days tends to sit down and go through an offical reference documentation page after page. While searching for Stack Overflow posts is very useful, sometimes you want to see how a particular invocation in the context of a real application. However, using GitHub search to find such applications can be frustrating, because GitHub search, being a keyword search, does not understand the semantics of code to always return sensible results.

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Swagger Extensions to Graduate Your API

Recently @harledhes in blog post Evolutionary APIs with Microservices contrasted exposing external APIs vs internal APIs. He looked at the differences in marketing, in documentation, and in developer support. One common aspect to both APIs, is the existence of an API specification to highlight the functional aspects of the API. Many formats exist, we like the Open API Specification (better known as swagger), as it is an open format.

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Evolutionary APIs with Microservices

An API strategy comes in different shapes and sizes based on the organization and underlying service being delivered. Retrofitting a beautiful REST API on a legacy banking systems involves a radically different set of activities and approach vs. the opportunity for an evolutionary approach from a start-up.

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