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Announcing Enterprise API Harmony Beta

When we launched API Harmony we targeted public APIs, APIs available to everyone and discovereable in the open internet. Many APIs, though, the majority of them, live behind the firewalls of the enterprise at many stages in their lifecycle. Customers we spoke to have been looking for ways to organize their APIs as they transform their business, often times not necessarily requiring an API management model, especially in the early stages. They want to catalog APIs to inventory their services, identify duplicate efforts within the enterprise as quickly as possible or find alternate public services that could be consumed.

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New API Data in API Harmony

API Harmony has new, high-quality data. We recently revamped our API mining capabilities, which include finding notoriously hard-to-find API specifications, our big code analysis, and our summarization of API requests. In consequence, API Harmony now features 1179 APIs - ALL of them with endpoints search, code snippets, and the ability to interact with them in the API Harmony Playground.

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Try out GraphQL APIs - Powered by API Harmony

GraphQL is a quickly spreading style of building web APIs. GraphQL APIs allow clients to query for and receive exactly the data they need for their application. At IBM Research, we are looking into ways to easily expose existing, REST-like APIs via GraphQL. To get a glimpse of our work, in API Harmony, you can now interact with 3 selected APIs via GraphQL.

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