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Statically Checking Web API Requests in JavaScript

Programming in the Stone-age

Writing JavaScript applications that perform HTTP requests to web APIs relies on the request URL, HTTP method, and request data to be constructed corrected via string operations. This can feel like going back to the stone-age, especially if you are a fan of statically-typed languages: you often ask “where is my beloved compiler”? Traditional compile-time error checking, such as calling a non-existent method in Java, is not available for checking whether such requests in JavaScript code. In this blog post, I am sharing with you our research prototype that can potentially rescue us from this situation, a static checker on web API requests in JavaScript. Thanks to the amazing co-authors Erik Wittern, Yunhui Zheng, Julian Dolby, and Jim Laredo, this work (see the full paper) has been accepted to the International Conference in Software Engineering (ICSE) this year.

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