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New API Data in API Harmony

Oct 9, 2017 •

API Harmony has new, high-quality data. We recently revamped our API mining capabilities, which include finding notoriously hard-to-find API specifications, our big code analysis, and our summarization of API requests. In consequence, API Harmony now features 1179 APIs - ALL of them with endpoints search, code snippets, and the ability to interact with them in the API Harmony Playground.

As an example, look for IBM’s Watson APIs…

Image 1: Search results for “watson”

…and learn how to use them:

Image 1: Usage advice for the “Natural Language Understanding” API

Check out the latest data either in API Harmony Open or in API Harmony in IBM Bluemix.

As always, let us know what you think about the experience - either in the comments below or by contacting us via Twitter.

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