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API Harmony at Interconnect 2016

Feb 23, 2016 •

API Harmony is happy to be participating this week at IBM Interconnect 2016 in
Las Vegas. The team worked hard to bring together several new features that
are now available for you to explore at API Harmony Open.

Improved Layout

In order to support the great new things we are working on we had to make a couple
of changes to streamline the layout. You’ll now see that the API Relationship
Graph is larger to make it easier to see the repos and characteristics shared
between APIs. We’ve also consolidated the detailed information on the right
side of the screen (on desktop) to make it easier to find details about
characteristics, GitHub usage and StackOverflow Questions. Not to mention two
other cool new features and a whole new consumption option.

Improved UI Layout

Code Snippets

API Harmony now offers the ability to generate code snippets based solely on the
availability of an API with Swagger. The feature automatically generates code
snippets for specific languages and libraries (like JavaScript with NodeJS and
Request). Simply select the API endpoint you are interested in and voilà,
enjoy a code snippet to get you started.

Automatic Code Snippet Generation

Software Development Kit Analysis

We’re also really excited to show the start of a feature that helps you find the
most relevant SDKs for use with a given API. This service looks at the selected
language and the API to find what SDKs seem most relevant and widely used. At
the moment this data is limited to JavaScript / Node Package Manager (NPM) based
SDKs but we’re working to expand it in the near future (and we’re always happy
to have feedback on how to improve it). For now, try entering search criteria of
JavaScript and IMDB to see an example of the results of the service.

SDK Discovery and Analysis

Private API Harmony

Last, but not least, we’ve been hard at work to develop a version of API Harmony
that can be run inside your company to help you gain the same benefits of
internal API discovery and collaboration as can be done in the public version.
The private deployment will allow your company to crawl through source control
to discover API usages and provide your teams a simple and effective way to
share API assets that have been developed and are ready for reuse.

API Harmony Private

If you have any questions about the above please reach out to us on or
via the Feedback link on the API Harmony site. We’re really excited to hear
what you think about the new features and even more excited to continue
developing capabilities to make your API use more productive and enjoyable.

Oh, and if you are at Interconnect keep an eye open for

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